Urgent AID

Urgent AID

In response to the challenges of war, we have created:

– Shelter for women and children from the eastern regions of Ukraine, in Lviv.

The business owners donated 160 square meters of office space to the shelter, which we arranged for the provision of services. All rooms for temporary stay of women and children are used. In addition to hot food, shower, the opportunity to get clean clothes and personal hygiene products, baby food; we provide psychological counseling and art therapy for children to distract and soothe them after all the suffering;

– transfer of IDPs to the asylum;

– looking for long-term residence in safe areas of Ukraine, or find them the opportunity to move abroad;

– off-line or online psychological counseling, as well as telephone psychological support to victims. (concerning the consequences of psychological and physical violence, restoration of social contacts, skills of psychological self-help or stabilization after a traumatic experience).

Phone: +38 067 000 1 911

– Classes for children of asr-therapy are held on the basis of our social enterprise “Rukomysly” (Handycrafts).

Thanks to the humanitarian support of many international organizations, we are able to provide all the necessary needs for women and their children (food, hygiene products, bedding, utensils, stationery for art therapy, basic medicines).

– Now we are arranging two more shelters for women with children for long stays.


We are planning:

to organize long-term accommodation for women with children. For this we are looking for premises for children’s camps, kindergartens or other infrastructure. We also need to ibcrease our opportunities to help women and children who setelled in the Lviv region. It is important today to meet the needs of children from eastern Ukraine in gadgets, as many displaced persons have either lost them or left them in their homes.

Our partner organizations in the small towns and villages of the western region have the same needs. Currently, we cooperate and have signed memorandum with 16 women’s organizations, all of which also provide IDP services and are involved in volunteer activity. They have less access to donor’s support, so they have a problems raising funds for their needs.

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