On 22-23 October 2019, the Centre “Women’s Perspectives” held Femintesive-2019. It was the third such event, but this year it became international.

Famous feminists from other countries took part in Femintensive:

  • Rosa Logar, the co-founder of a powerful international feminist network VAWE, co-author of the Istanbul Convention, the Executive Director of the Domestic Abuse Intervention Program Vienna.
  • Rosalyn Park, the Director of the Women’s Human Rights Program at The Advocates for Human Rights (Minneapolis, USA)
  • Clementina Sukhanov, the coordinator of the “Black Protest” in Warsaw and the researcher on the world radical right movements

The participants talked about the world antigender and antifeminist initiatives, searched for ways to counteract the new challenges and discussed possible personal, group and social feminist strategies.

Rosa Logar has shared many stories, including the one on how the protective order, which is now widely used to protect domestic violence victims, was invented in Austria. Rosa has also talked about the 40 years of feminism in Europe, major international events, accomplishments and setbacks.

In her presentation, Rosalyn Park talked about the main strategies of the world radical right movements. She also held a training on messaging in feminist advocacy campaigns.

Additionally, the participants discussed communication strategies, safety, challenges, the problem of violence against vulnerable groups of women, reproductive health, eco-practices. Overall, there were 20 workshops that took place at Femintensive. The participants learned from each other, shared their knowledge and skills, discussed their experience and prospects.

Femintensive-2019 was possible thanks to the support of the Open Society Foundation and Sigrid Rausing Trust.

We are looking forward to Femintensive-2020!



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