Training on Storytelling


Training on Storytelling


On 22-23 October 2019, the Centre “Women’s Perspectives” organized the training on Storytelling in communication and advocacy feminist campaigns in Ukraine. The event was possible thanks to the support of the Open Society Foundation and Sigrid Rausing Trust and took place right before the Femintensiv-2019.

The participants learned how to develop campaigns and communicate the stories of those who share the same values. Among the topics discussed were the campaigns’ structure, strategy and realization as well as the relationships within them. The participants shared the stories that bring us together, give us hope and are based on experience and values.

The trainer was Ana Babovic, the Executive Director of the Leading Change Network, being assisted with four coaches. The training was based on the methodology developed by Marshall Ganz, PhD from the Harvard Kennedy School (you can find his article Why stories matter below).


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